Programmes 2014, 2015 & 2016

Solo Guitar

Classical guitar is widely thought of as a means of expression for music of the popular easy-listening genre. Concert guitarist Friedemann Wuttke proves the opposite: he has created a series of individual but self-contained programmes which elicit from his guitar music of extraordinary power and intensity, focussing on artistically demanding and cyclical works.

Tango Projects

Mozart & Piazzolla I Bandoneon, Guitar and Quintet

"Classic meets Tango" ... it is precisely this combination of genres which has created programmes of such varied yet seductive appeal. By juxtaposing the melancholy and dark works of tango genius Astor Piazzolla with the light-hearted and virtuoso works of Mozart and Haydn, he creates a colourful and diverting programme.


Mozart & Piazzolla I Bandoneon, Guitar and Double Bass

Piazolla, who pioneered tango nuevo, had an immense affinity with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Not only are Piazolla's tangos polyphonic, they have much in common with New Music and jazz. The programme combines well known principal works by Astor Piazzolla with music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi.


Tango Sensations I Bandoneon and Guitar Duo

The focus of this programme lies on the "Five Tango Sensations", in an arrangement for bandoneon and guitar. In this, his last cyclical work, Astor Piazzolla portrays five different states of mind with impressive expressivity. The king of the bandoneon and tango nuevo re-ignites the spirit of the Argentine tango with an intensity evocative of his famous "Four Seasons", which also featured in this programme and has contributed to the current tangomania.

Friedemann Wuttke performs with international solo bandoneon artists and tango nuevo composers including Marcelo Nisinman (Buenos Aires/Paris) and William Sabatier (France).

Duo programmes with guitar

Different combinations of artists / different programmes

Many of his joint performances and programmes with solo musicians of international repute stem from his collaboration with a wide spectrum of musicians and encounters at festivals at home and abroad.

John Dowland - The master of melancholy

c o m e   h e a v y   s l e e p

Soprano Sarah Maria Sun and Friedemann Wuttke have compiled a tranquil night-time concert consisting of songs, dances and letters by John Dowland. A night-time concert where the emphasis is less on a display of virtuosity and more on reaching out to and touching the audience with a range of emotions evoking love, longing, life and death.

Guitar & orchestra

Guitar music of the 19th and 20th centuries spawned a series of magnificent and virtuoso guitar concertos. Friedemann Wuttke has played them all and has resolved the problem of balancing orchestra and guitar by using an invisible amplifier which does not detract from the natural acoustics of the guitar. Friedemann Wuttke has performed with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, the Hungarian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and others.

Guitar and string quartet

The Viennese School and Spanish impressionism

This rare but fascinating chamber combination lends itself both to a programme of classical music as well as an evening of Spanish music. It will appeal to classical concert-goers, lovers of guitar music and young listeners alike. Friedemann Wuttke performs these exceptionally varied programmes with German and international string quartets, including the prestigious Mandelring Quartet, young ensembles and the Cuban string quartet Caribe Nostrum. Felix Matzura's virtuoso castanet playing completes the Spanish programme.

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