Friedemann Wuttke

... studied at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, later refining his art further, including master classes with prestigious international soloists such as his friend and mentor, the world-class Russian pianist Igor Zhukov.

The charitable music organisation GitarreHamburg wrote in 2005:

"It is not merely his instrumental and musical skills that have earned this likeable musician a prominent place in the German guitar scene. His ability to devise interesting repertoires and his productive collaboration with other reputable artists ensure that Friedemann Wuttke is never short of work. He is a musician who unerringly acts on his own intuition."

His uncompromising commitment to a classical repertoire and to serious programme design set Friedemann Wuttke apart from many of his fellow concert guitarists. Whatever the character of the individual programme, the music which he selects gives it a rounded and artistically complete feel.

FRIEDEMANN WUTTKE is a welcome guest not just in Germany but in virtually all European countries. He has also performed in big concert halls both as a soloist and with an orchestra in Russia, South-east Asia, Africa and South America. His schedule for 2018 and 2019 again includes foreign tours.

Behind this versatility is a musician with an immense love of the guitar and its music who sees his vocation in serving musical communication and sharing his own abiding enthusiasm in his music with his listeners.

Since 2004 he has recorded exclusively as a concert guitarist for the Hänssler Profil Medien label.